Mission & Vision

Mission- Our job is growth of our students, giving them a chance to reach their dreams.

Vision- To be the preferred Business school, providing a better tomorrow through corporate rooted Academics & its implementation, to meet the essential needs of corporate houses.

Learning- Academic Tenacity, Mindsets; and Skills that Promote Long-Term Learning

Most educational reforms focus on curriculum and pedagogy—what material is taught and how it is taught. However, curriculum and pedagogy have often been narrowly defined as the academic content and students’ intellectual processing of that material. Research shows that this is insufficient.

We have observed that, in pursuit of educational reform, something essential has been missing: the psychology of the student. Psychological factors—often called motivational or non-cognitive factors—can matter even more than cognitive factors for students’ academic performance.

These, may include students’ beliefs about themselves, their feelings about the institute, or their habits of self-control. Educators, psychologists, and even economists recognize the importance of non-cognitive factors in achievement both in institutes and in the corporate market.

Various research undertaken, shows that educational interventions and initiatives that target these psychological factors can transform students’ experience and achievement in Institutions, improving core academic outcomes, such as GPA and test scores months and even years later.

When we refer to the psychology of the student, what do we mean? We mean that students need to think of themselves and institute in certain ways in order to want to learn and in order to learn successfully. We also mean that they are able to regulate themselves in ways that promote learning.

When these non-cognitive factors are in place, students will look—and be—motivated. In fact, these non-cognitive factors constitute what psychological researchers call motivation and fostering these mindsets and self-regulation strategies is what psychological researchers typically mean by motivating students. This is quite different.

We, emphasize the type of motivation that students carry with them in the form of mindsets and skills, and the kind that educators promote by fostering these mindsets and skills.