Conference Hall

The Institute has two well-furnished state-of-the art 25-seater conference halls for conducting academic activities like EDPs, seminars, presentations and small conferences.

The institute conference hall is well-furnished with 25-seater and is designed to conduct various academic activities like group discussions, interactions, EDPs, seminars, presentations and small conferences. The infrastructure has been designed with the modern techniques to provide students with a realistic feel of corporate and business meetings.
The conference room has all the latest multimedia equipment, projector and audio/video system for better learning. I-Business Institute conference hall has witnessed many big and small events, conferences and seminars of national and international levels.
As the best institute for learning IBI conference hall provide a venue for groups of students to interact with each other, prepare for mock interviews and group discussions (GDs) organized by the institute placement cell.
The conference room is also used to conduct online learning videos under faculty supervision.