Mentorship Program

The program has been set up to utilize the experience and expertise of IBI faculty to address, through one-to-one interaction, We have faculty mentors from a wide range of experience and industry sectors. The program’s goal is to provide mentorship in a broad set of areas including careers, entrepreneurship, industry / domain expertise, personal development, and other areas of professional interest.

A face-to-face meeting provides the most effective channel of communication and has a positive influence on the mentoring relationship. We encourage students to take advantage of all facets of mentorship available through the faculty mentors.

The purpose of the mentorship program is for the success of the student participants. It works so by giving the students right exposure of business acumen by our professional community and Board of Directors, who believe in developing the new era of business within community.

I-Business Institute believe highly in mentorship program and have carved a special network of mentors who are excited to connect with students. Students can gain expertise through these professional networks and gain access to leaders from a wide array of entrepreneurial ventures.
What we offer:

Our mentors provide instruction on how to successfully look for new business opportunities with goods companies
Help understand industry frameworks
They will provide you feedback on your resume creation and cover letter
Help you prepare for top management interviews

In addition, IBI mentors are associated with the international business partners and an outstanding talent pool of business experts. Our team of mentors contributes their energy and insights deeply into leadership progression of the students beyond measure.

All participants gain a valuable resource for advancing entrepreneurial leadership.
The aim of the PGDM mentorship program is to help students understand new opportunities in the field of business, industrial exposure and allow you to enhance your workability by working with top professionals with advanced experience and knowledge.